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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Pigmobile

I think I missed a purrrrfect bidness' opportunity today.  I'm thinking if I had planned ahead, I could have been the surprise Hunter's Roach Coach at the Farm for all the hunters.  They would have all poo-pooed me to death until it got really hot, and then long about dinnertime, they might be pretty damn glad to see me and Sister coming with fresh bags of ice, pulled pork sliders and sauce, cold sliced cantaloupe, cold grapes, cold sliced watermelon, bags of iced cold cup towels to wipe your face and hands, cups for iced sweet tea or plain, and handi wipes for their hands.  I might even have had a bag of frozen bite sized Snickers for dessert.  I. could. have. made. a. million. bucks.  I could have driven from location to location and pulled right up like the Hispanic ladies do for the yard guys and builders crews, and tooted my horn.  One honk and they might have shot me, though.  :((

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