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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sis does the Depot

With Benji and Andrea back home in Nash, after a fast and furious weekend, life is returning to normal.  Wah.  I loved having them here.  I'm just back from checking in on mom and as per usual, she was watching some old Western on TV and tried to tell me all about it.  Check.  Nothing new there.  Painters are finishing up touch up and I get to wait for Direct TV to come later this afternoon.  Can you hear the smile on my face over that??  They are due here in the next two hours so we'll see if that actually happens.  (eye roll, snark)

Sunday afternoon, Sis got to go with us to Home Depot since it's a dog friendly place of business.  That was her first (and last) trip.  Even with the complimentary dog cookies, it was just a disaster waiting to happen.  She was all over the place, leash stretched completely out, her pulling like the moose that she is, running side to side in the aisles, with her dad off in the ozone, not noticing that perhaps that wasn't a particularly good or safe idea. I finally had to get parental and take the leash away from him, before she, and he, killed someone. Those two are just dangerous together.

Parkland called and invited Fred and me to come down for a lunch and to see the new patient room mock up they've built to show donor's what the new rooms will look like.  Since it's a little busy right now, we'll put that off until October but I would like to see it and see if, as a nurse, I'd like the set up.  I'm sure they got loads of input from staff prior to the design.  I just want to experience it myself and see what I think. Should be fun to see.

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