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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It's a good thing I was home this morning when the painters started power washing because one of them shot water into the den on the hardwoods, while he was spraying the doors. He couldn't see it but luckily I could. Nothing that a bath towel can't fix but I was quite glad I was home, since a big old water stain is not exactly what I had in mind. The initial smell after washing was Eau de Swamp but is now abating and should be dry enough for sanding and painting tomorrow.  Amen.

Not sure what everyone else did yesterday but we ate.  And ate. And ate.  And then in order to make sure I retained each and every calorie I ingested, so my butt can remain as large as possible, once home, I read, and then took a nap.  I know.  What. a. sloth.  This morning as penance, I got on my gear and did my walk and have been a good girl-- so far-- today.  Being good sucks.  No payoff what so ever.

Now, today....we've just got to talk about teeth.  Filthy, nasty, haven't seen the inside of a dental office in 10 years teeth, with groady build up, brown stains, and gums that look like balloon shades.  Do guys not look in the mirror and see their teeth, ever??  And some women are just as bad.  Grrrrroooossssssnessss.  Maybe it's just me and my germaphobia but that's a health hazard on two legs....just a first class petri dish growing some noxious bacteria that's gonna kill somebody, once all that bacteria hits their blood stream.  And the brown stains??  Lord love 'um..... here's a toothbrush--GET BUSY.  Or, hand me the power washer/sprayer and open your mouth.  I'm ready....I've got on a Hazmat suit.


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