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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday's, Anniversarie's, Make over's

We had a wonderful early birthday dinner last night for Benji at La Duni and ate ourselves silly.  But that's what birthday dinners are for, right?  Andrea's dad joined us--her mom was back in Miami--and it was almost like a wedding reunion since Andrea and Benji are closing in on their first "anniversario"--to quote Senora Maria.  It's hard to believe it's almost been a year since Capri. 

On a less happy note, mom is looking more and more ready to go, to me, and to others, and it's getting harder and harder on all of us to go see her.  Friday my brother said she was all wigged out about "glass".  She screamed every time he picked up his water glass at lunch telling him to be will cut you.  Then she didn't want to eat--nothing new--but this time it was because there was "glass" in her food.  We've surmised that when my brother reminded her last week about our old maid, Arvella, and an accident she had with glass that cut up her hands, perhaps she connected seeing my brother with "glass".  Word to the wise...let's don't bring up old traumatic stuff like that with mom, thank you very much.

In my addiction to before and afters, I did a make over on mom Thursday morning because she just looked like hell.  I'm sorry, but I'm just reporting the facts here.  So, I snapped a before photo of her in her wheel chair, fluffed her hair with her hair brush--it was clean as a whistle--just needed some fluffing with a brush, put her on some lipstick, a spritz of perfume, and took another pic.  Voila'.  Loads better.  The funniest part, though, was the lipstick.  I put some on her and them told her to rub her lips together like we gals do.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  She simply could not do it.  The more we tried, the more she looked blankly at me.  She kept telling me she was watching "The Birds" on TV.  Over and over.  The Birds.  Not.  Some old movie just not The Birds.  I always just play along and laugh like she is.  Who cares what she thinks she's watching...I sure don't.

I asked Benji last night if he wanted to see pic's of her, and he said yes.  When I showed him the pic's, he was aghast.  I had tried to verbally prepare him before he saw them, but I just don't think you really can be prepared.  It just is what it is. 

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