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Monday, September 24, 2012

Painless Remodeling--on TV

You may already know all about this but if you don't, it's super fun to look at and save your favorite pictures to your own idea book.  It's call Houzz and it's a design, remodeling, home ideas site that has interesting articles and fun pictures.  I can spend an hour, easily, playing and reading and if you sign up for it, they'll email it to you.  Yep, seriously, one more design blog but I can't help it--I'm hooked.

I have almost gotten Bruce hooked on Property Brothers on cable, and once he starts watching with me, I know he's not leaving.  If you haven't seen it, it's a must.  Good looking twin brothers--one sells the Real Estate, and the other one rehabs the "fixer upper".  Stir them together and you have it.  It's not that I'm always in love with the finished product but I dare you to watch, and then not hang around to see it all done.  Ya just gotta....  And then there's Love It or List It--same general idea.  Can a remodeler/designer with a fixed budget make their current home a keeper for a family or will they choose one of the homes the real estate agent finds for them?   There's always a budget wrecker in the remodel that causes couples to melt down and that part's always hilarious, only because it's not you. 

 I think it's all that ripping out and re-doing that gets my motor running.  And these two are hard on the eyes either.

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