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Friday, September 28, 2012


Time to tie up loose ends.  I've finally come to a resolution with the Plaza to allow mom to wear a DNR ( do not resuscitate) bracelet.  I'm going to purchase it and put it on her myself, so they are not in violation of any HIPPA rules and regs.  Seriously, could we not have come to this solution earlier and the most obvious answer is NO.  After lots of research on my part, and probably on theirs as well, it's clear to me that a lot of entities truly do not completely understand the HIPPA rules and regs, so they just throw out a blanket NOOOO to protect themselves, until pushed, and push I did.  Once I have the exact wording verified by the website I'm ordering the bracelet from, and it arrives, it's going on mom, and I'm going to let it go.  There's nothing more I can do.

I laughingly sent my sister an email update this morning saying after all this drama, mom will probably die peacefully in her sleep, and someday I'll look back on this and howl.  I'm not thinking it will be anytime soon, though.  This one cut a little too close for me.  The thought of paramedics being called, her not having a designated bracelet on, and them banging on her chest, is just not the least bit funny to me right now.  Nope.  Not at all.

And speaking of mom, I went by to see her yesterday on my way home from having coffee with my SIL (sister-in-law), Margie.   (We meet for coffee occasionally to stay in touch with each other and laugh because she's hilarious.)   Anywho, mom was still in bed from her nap so I climbed up on the bed with her.  That's kind of my thing these days so I can be close to her.  I was filling her in on all kinds of stuff including how hot it was outside.  When I told her I wasn't cooking dinner because it was just too damn hot, she hooted out laughing and said "You're just like me...I'm not cooking either".   Then she told me "This is a really nice club...the food's good" and I almost fell off the bed.  Believe it or not, sometimes there really is a funny side of Alzheimer's.  I never know what she's going to say next. 

Happy weekend to all.

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