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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today I'm thinking about love.  Coming from a place of love is all that really matters today.  No matter what happens, today is all I have anyway.  I can't do anything about yesterday or tomorrow.  Yesterday's history and tomorrow isn't here yet.  Love will take care of ANYTHING and is the shortest, most direct route to happiness.  Today I'm going to go in love.

I got my first dose of love this morning with a tiny front yard visitor.  She was scampering around in her front yard, in her pj's, and ventured over to ours.  I heard her talking and had to go meet her.  Yes, I was in my pj's, too, coffee in hand, so it seemed like the perfect time for girl talk.  Her mom, Laura, said she thinks our red front door and theirs make it all her yard, and I told her that was just fine.  As far as I'm concerned, it is.  I told Laura to let her water, pick flowers, whatever.

 Then I told her about the little boys down the block, Tom and Hank, who used to come down and rearrange my porch, when they lived a few houses down.  Tom is high functioning autistic and especially loved my plug in Halloween light up pumpkin. Both were just adorable, and I miss them like crazy.  Hank is the one that whipped down his pants in the front yard one day and peed on our front tree, to his mother's horror.  He was only three and I thought it was just fine.  There's not a boy alive who doesn't like to pee on something, so big fat deal.  Little boys are like dogs--peeing on stuff is just part of what they do.  Since Laura is having a boy in a few weeks, this was a news flash, I could tell, and we both howled. 

Kids and animals.  What's not to love?  They both make it so easy.  Today, let's all go in love.

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