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Friday, September 7, 2012

DFW construction

DFW.  What a whippin.  Have you tried to drive there recently?  It is a complete mess.  They've torn up so much near the entrance to the airport, that you can't read the signs and drive without either having a wreck or missing the temporary exit to DFW.  Uh, huh.  I did. I called Fred yelling that I didn't know where I was and he kept yelling "Well, where are you?"  Doncha think if I knew where I was, I wouldn't be calling you?  Dee duh.  I finally saw the sign that said Colleyville, made a bat-turn as he laughed on the phone, headed back the other way, and saw a sign for DFW.  Nice guy that he is, he called Benji and told him I'd missed an exit, and would be there soon.  Nothing like being ratted out by your partner.  When I fessed up to Benji and Andrea, saying I knew his dad was gonna have a blast with this, Benji laughed and said "he's already called".  Typical.  

 Honestly, after I picked up Andrea and Benji, it took all three of us to make it home in one piece.  They were both navigators while I just drove and followed orders.  In short, if you have to go out there anytime soon, pack your patience and watch for other cars who are just as confused as you are.  Cars were careening all over everywhere, switching lanes.  Pure dee awwwwwful.

That said, we went to dinner last night for Tex-Mex up at North Park to Luna de Noche, not realizing it was....drum roll....Fashion Night.  To say it was interesting would be like saying yesterday was hot.  Not sure what all that was about but some of the attire on the attendees was certainly interesting.  One guy had on a faux fur vest, studded toe shoes, brown pants, and an offbeat choice of hair do.  Since it was a balmy 103 outside, the faux fur vest must have been a really tough call.  Benji's comment was " Dallas has gotten so...well... Dallas."  No kidding.
(***Just a small plug for my niece, Daley, whose business Merry Maps, did the maps for Fashion Night.)
Sis has been in heaven having Andrea and Benji here so much so that she nosed through one of their bags last night while we were at dinner, and dragged their vitamin container into the den, and managed to get one of the flip top containers open.  Luckily, it was the only one that was empty.  Nothing says welcome home like having Sis nose through your bag.  I could have just shot her. 

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