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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bring on the dove

Last night I threw a plastic sack into the trash can in our bedroom.  It must have caught a breeze from the ceiling fan above because it blew up and out of the trash, and scared Sister so bad she popped straight up in the air like an armadillo does, when you shoot one.  (They make an eeek noise, too, but she didn't.)  I've only seen her get scared like that once or twice before, and it's the funniest thing ever.  Cheapo entertainment.  I howled. 

Fred is off later today to go play War on any doves flying at the Farm.  He will have lots of company since lots of Y chromosomes will be up there doing the same thing.  Sometimes, the more hunters, the better, because if the birds are flying weird, if you don't hit a bunch, somebody else will.  If there not flying, then everybody's bored together.  There's no way in this world or the next, that I'd sit outside in this heat, to shoot at something that can essentially fly faster than I can shoot it.  Plus, they're little and hard to hit, so give me some AC and cable TV, and I'm a happy gal.  OK...and maybe something fun to cook, too, and then I'm really in HEAVEN! Dove on the grill...sure.

And speaking of heaven, (bad segue), I went by a couple of days ago to see mom and she scared me silly.  She looked awwwwful.  Intellectually, I get it that she's not going to look good, but when I actually saw her with no sparkle in her eyes, and little recognition that particular day, emotionally my heart just lurched.  Her hair was all white where the color had grown out and she just did not look like my mom.  I took her pic with my phone and texted it to my sister and she was equally blown away.  Well, I guess dying ain't meant to be pretty and I'll just say it sure isn't.  Shocked the spit right out of me. 

On to a happier topic:  watcha goan do for the holiday weekend? We're heading back up to the Farm for a little while to put on the feed bag with Bruce's people and just generally have a a big old yak-fest. I think we'll leave Sis here since it's just way too hot for her AND there'll be other puppies probably coming who are much bigger than she is, and they might not play well with others.  She'll be much better off here in the cool, guarding her stash of bones.  (All my neighbors will be home, and Mary will be watching our house, so if you're a burglar, don't even think about it.

More later.  I feel sure there'll be something I'll need to jawbone about.  And lastly, to those who don't know I make up words and contractions where none exist.....well.....I just do.

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