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Friday, September 14, 2012

What a week!

Yesterday was kind of a blur.  By the time I got home yesterday afternoon, I realized it was too late to go to an art show that Nicole (niece) was participating in, and that I'd hoped to attend.  I called her with my regrets only to find out I could still go, so I grabbed my keys and shot out the door.  I'm looking across at the piece I found, and love it!!  Unfortunately, it was by another artist other than Nicole, but she made out just fine.  She and this particular artist were the two top sellers, so I just had to brag on her here. 

This weekend is a party at the Farm for another one of my niece's, Kelly, who is getting married in November.  Yesterday, yet another niece, Suzanne, (who is marrying the very same day as Kelly), was up at Hyer School, having lunch with Hudson, and ran in to Kelly.  OK...could you follow all that?  Kelly is a teacher's aide, and the two bride's to be got a chance to yak for a second.  Out of 365 days in a year, what are the chances they'd pick the same day to get married?  Still makes me laugh to think about it.  Fred and I plan to go up to the Farm and do some pre-party prep work (say that ten times fast) sometime this weekend, unless it's pouring. 

With the recent death of a guy Brian went to school with, Jordan Webb, I am aware of how grateful I am for my life, my husband's, and that of my children.  Jordan was the most handsome, brilliant, fabulous, young man and through no fault of his own, was born with a family history of of mental illness that kicked in with a vengeance in his late teens or early twenties.  God love him.  His funeral is this morning and my heart goes out to his family.  What a hellish ride they've been on, and despite what mental illness can make a person do, that is NOT who Jordan was.  Mental illness turns otherwise kind, fun, brilliant people into monsters that do not resemble their real selves.  When you see their actions, you are seeing the disease, not them, or who they truly are.  So, today, let's all be kind to everyone we encounter and not judge them, as none of us really know what path they are on or their circumstances.

Hugs to all and have a great weekend!

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