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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Big Goodbye

This morning was sort of  the end of an era.   When I saw the passing of Peggy Railey in the DMN online newspaper,  coupled with the loss yesterday of a friend's dad, it was doubly sad, even though I am thrilled for both.  I can't imagine anything worse than being trapped in a body that no longer works.  They are now free....  Haaaaal-a-looo-yer!! (said like the southern black ladies in church)  You know who I'm talkin' about ....the ones with the big purses and big ol' matching hats.  I just luuuuuve them. 

Today brings the rippage of Christmas past as I remove all things holiday.  Since I didn't go hog wild this year, that should not take real long.  Another Haaal-a-loo-yer.  I actually like taking it down almost more than putting it up.  There's no pressure in the tear down part and it goes ohhhh, so much faster.  Since I was a tad under the weather yesterday, I am behind schedule. 

Avery Caroline Groth is two years old today and I'll be heading over there later today to take her birthday present.  I can't wait to see what Santa brought her now that they are home from California, after visiting the Keka's.  For those not in the know, the Keka's are the cousins on Nicole's side that live there.  Almost all of their names start with a K, so years ago, Hudson just called all of them " Keka", when trying to say Keaton, Kara, etc.  It stuck, so there ya go. 

I learned something you all may already know but I thought in the interest of passing it on, I'd tell you here.  Apparently Socrates was behind this gem and it's called the Test of Three.  You can apply it to anything but it's especially useful for gossip, things you think you know, or any other dark and twisty situation you find yourself in when you are tempted to take the wrong road.  Socrates said to ask "Is what I'm hearing, thinking, etc., True?  And, no, you don't get to say well, yeah based on what I think I know, it is.  It has to pass the smell test.  Unless you saw it happen or heard it said, you don't know.  You just think you do.  OK.  Now, is it "Good?"  If it's not, just put a cork in it.  And lastly, is it "Useful" and by useful, I don't mean would it be to my advantage to blab this all over in order to get back at someone else.  I mean, is it useful to the higher good of everyone.  If not, drop it.  Or write what you really want to say and feed it to the shredder.  Or burn it, if you're a pyro.  The long and short of it is, most stuff won't pass these three levels so if it won't, go do something else.  Like take down your Christmas stuff.

Lastly, for the new year, black eyed peas....  Wwwwhy?  Whose idea was that???  Those things taste awwwwful, I don't care what you do to them.  They used to feed them to cows.  Seriously, they were called cow peas.  With onions, cilantro, lime juice, etc, and some chips....maybe.  Nahhh....I still want to gag.  Not doin' it.

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