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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last night was interesting.  The door bell rang right after dinner and I opened the door to find three UPS guys with an enormous box, top removed, asking if I was Caroline.  I said "Yep".  They said "Where would you like your chair?"  Huh?  I didn't order a chair.  I ordered 2 chair slip covers and an ottoman slip--not a chair.  I just can't make this stuff up, so away went the chair, as a 4th UPS guy arrives with two boxes.  Yahooo.  I'm thinking at least all of the slips have arrived.  Not so fast, Kemo Sabe.  I got one full chair slip and the ottoman--another chair slip cover is still out there in UPS cyber world, according to Pottery Barn's, Demarcus.  We agreed  I'm to sit tight and see if it arrives today.  Otherwise, I'm to call him tonight on his direct line. and Demarcus are tight, baby.  None of that recorded music for me.  I'm just praying I don't have to call tonight.  I'd much rather spend tonight wrapping, watching the tube, and enjoying my new, fresh slips vs haggling on the phone.

 This morning, I opened a gift bag from the same friend who does the cookies and Texas Trash.  Included in the bag were wiener dog post it notes and a notepad, a book on the tiny runt Pink pig who was adopted by a dachshund mom and her pups, a magnet dress up board to dress up your magnetized wiener for any holiday,  and my personal favorite, below.  Yes, this was a before coffee and a shower shot but in all seriousness, I look pretty much the same after, so whatever.  Hope this makes you laugh.  It made me scream out laughing.

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