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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night after dinner, I went back to the bedroom to get something and turn on the light beside the bed.  I heard a crinkle sound and looked down.  Uh, ohhhhhh.....a candy wrapper on my side and not one I'd eaten, either.  It was also one from Santa's recent shopping excursion.  Even worse.  I lifted up the bed skirt to reveal candy wrappers all over every where and started hollering for Fred and Brian (here doing laundry) to come look.  Here is a shot of what they saw that doesn't do the carnage near justice, but will give you an idea.
If you think you are seeing little beans on the floor, also, you are because they were part of a mix I bought also.  Sis must have had a verrrrrrrry busy afternoon after I left to go to the gym and Fred was gone as well because she pulled everything out of the sack I'd left way too low for an enterprising fat dachshund not to get into.  I can just imagine her nosing in the sack, selecting the first bag of chocolates, tearing open each one, and snarfing them down. Then back for the second bag of chocolate candy, filled with Limoncello, that were to have gone in certain folks stockings for Christmas.  Sort of a little Capri reminder.  Not only did she eat both bags of candy--every single piece--but she started in on a soup mix--hence the beans.  Thank the good Lord she did not make it to the seasoning packet or the hell under my bed would have been muuuuuch worse.

We had all noticed that Sis had seemed a little sleepy after dinner, but just figured she was snoozy due to the weather.  Uh, no.  That would be the Limoncello effect.  Old Sis tied one on.  But the best part was when she was puffing, because her stomach was so bloated with gas.  She was miserable.  Since she'd been confronted and totally busted, she had gone and gotten in her bed.  We all knew dark chocolate could potentially kill her, so we kept an eye on her in addition to giving her some Pepto, for the gas.  She needed a tad more for the remaining gas this morning, but I think old cast iron gut never even barfed.  She's feeling better today but I know she would do it all over again, if opportunity knocked.  Baaaaad girrrrrl.

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