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Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm worried about myself.  Something is seriously wrong.  I've either been brainwashed after all these years in a predominantly male house hold or my estrogen level is too low to even measure.  Here's the problem: After watching Sons of Guns (Discovery channel) with Fred and Brian Saturday afternoon, I'm like a junkie who needs a fix.  And's all guns, and guns doing really wild stuff.  I must have watched 5 or 6 of their shows back to back, and went online today to see a couple more.  This show is beyond hilarious and has all the drama, suspense, and mayhem you could ask for, while firing large weapons.  It's about a company called Red Jacket in Baton Rouge, La., that specializes in weapons--any kind of weapons.  They'll build or rebuild just about anything you're willing to pay for.  Guns, swords, knives, canons--just about anything you can think of, they do.  They even do stuff for SWAT teams and the Police.  One guy came in wanting to shoot a knife out of a gun which is actually illegal, if you have a spring in the gun.  Without a spring, you're good, so I can't wait to see that one.

But it's the people on the show that make it so hilarious.  There's Will, the owner, his daughter, Stephanie, Kris,(right) an apprentice who wants to date the boss's daughter, a welder, and several other gunsmiths and specialists.  They have more fun in 30 minutes than most people have all year. 

One customer paid them $15,000 to make a quad, (as in 4) MG 42 machine guns with a hoist, so he could fire all 4 guns at once and move up and down and left to right as he shoots.  Due to a glitch, not all 4 guns were actually firing as planned when he came to shoot, so they pulled out remote control airplanes, tossed them in  the air, and let him shoot at those.  The name of that show was MEAT CHOPPER GUN.  My next favorite so far is Skeet Football Showdown.  Garret Hartley, kicker of the New Orleans Saints brings in an AR15 that needs fixing and ends up challenging Vince,(left, above) the tatted up gunsmith, to a skeet competition with him kicking a football through the uprights, before Vince can shoot it down.  It's a round of 5-6 kicks and if Garret wins, Vince has to repair the gun for free.  I'm not telling what happens but it's hilarious to watch.  There are gobs of other funnies like the time Kris tries to date the boss's daughter and the time he volunteered to be the target to test the new Tazer part of the Tazer/Shotgun. dumb are you??  I liketa died.

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