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Friday, December 23, 2011

Please, Santa....

Wanna see what's on my Christmas list?  Take a peak at this.  Totally drool worthy, isn't he?  Never mind "Mr. No" has already put the kibosh on my idea or the fact that this dog is so damn expensive it makes my head spin.  As a blue and tan, he's a little more unusual than most, which is why he's more than some people's house payment.   The other problem is that his new mother won't let me have him because he's being kept for breeding stock.  I think he'd make a perfect little blue Smurf  friend for Sis, and since I've been very good, I know I deserve him, but alas, 'tis not to be.  Yes, another little blue man was born a week ago but his price tag is probably the same as the little guy above, and the available little girl on another website is less, because she has a hernia.  Yeah....all I want for Christmas is a puppy with a hernia.  NOT.  Besides, I want a boy puppy anyway.  But since my partner doesn't, that's OK.  With Sis now eleven, we are closer to dog less days than we would be if we start all over with a pup and there is definitely a lot of flexibility in that. 

Yes, we could do a dachshund rescue but unless it's a blue rescue or an Issy (Isabella), the color of a Weimaraner, right now I'm obsessed, and that's all I want.  And if you lean close enough to your screen, you can smell his puppy smell.....and his paws smell like Fritos.

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