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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's official.  I have lost my ever lovin' mind.  The closet where we keep the ironing board has become the closet that appears to have been filled with a pitch fork.  It's also home to the gift wrapping gear, the flower arranging containers, the 4th of July dec's, and until moments ago some old paint cans.  OMG.  We are hoarders.  Or at least one of us is.  The other one just lacks the energy to follow around behind the hoarder, throwing away what he decides to keep. 

I've been busted numerous times trying to get rid of everything from old hunting shirts (with rips, thank you) to wood poles (I'm serious) he saved from Mr. Hall's barn, that used to be in that open field where Tom Thumb and Barnes & Noble now sit, across from North Park.  How long has that been now.....10-15 years??  C'mon.  He keeps telling me he's going to "make something with them" and he can even say it with a totally straight face, only he's a dead giveaway when he's lying.  Hint: his nose looks weirdly bigger as he tries not to laugh or smile.  If you know him, you can tell. 

Why clean out mania has struck, I'm not sure other than there are just piles of stuff everywhere and with a new year coming, I want to start things off neat and straight, even if I did marry a clutter collector.  Maybe I just need an administrative assistant......yeah....that would work.  Then somebody else could file and organize things, 'cause this throwing away business is a full time job and I'm busy.

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