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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh, nooooo....

Well, damn.  I just got some distressing news.  That's what happens when you research find out something you did NOT want to know.  But I'd rather know than not know, I suppose.  It appears that the blue and tan dachshund puppies and the Issy ones are prone to all kinds of skin problems as adults, including hair loss, also known as alopecia.   The blues specifically are prone to skin cancers.  Oh, swell.  They both are known to have a shorter life span probably due to all their manipulated genetics.  All of this from one source mind you, but that's sure enough to slam on my brakes.  A naked wiener dog with no fur and skin cancer??  That's a bad visual even for me.  A designer dog just may not be in my future after all.  I'm checking with my Vet to see what they may know.  The good news is, our Vet now has a dog dermatologist on staff due to the increase in dog skin problems in all breeds, so she's (Dr. Reed) going to give me a call next Tuesday, when she's in next. 

Maybe we should have just cloned Wiggles.  :)

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