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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Capri at Christmas time

"Mr. Mertz" found this shot last night, and sent it to all of  the people who went with us to Capri for the wedding.  For those of you not there, this is a shot of the Piazetta in Capri, all decked out for Christmas.  He no sooner hit send, than his email box blew up with responses from almost everyone who went with us. ( He also put it on FB so you may have seen it there already.)  I'm thinking it was the best Christmas card ever to all those who we now consider "family", if not by blood, then definitely by Capri.  This just gives me such a rush of memories, I can hardly stand myself.  See what you think.
The little dining area covered by the awning off to the left is where we used to go for the best lemon gelato on the planet Earth.  Looking straight ahead where that lighted doorway is, is where we went down a hallway to a crazy little place for dinner, where we had the most overwhelmed waiter on the island.  All he could say was "Prego, prego..." and we wound up laughing as he mopped his brow, sweating and grousing.  On the right hand side were loads of little tables and different places for a quick bite, cocktail, espresso, whatever.  Definitely the best people watching spot, bar none.  I don't even have to close my eyes to be right back there.....and hear O Holy night in the background.  Gorge, no??

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