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Friday, December 16, 2011

Code Pink--Peppermint

I just realized I had not sent out my yearly reminder to get your (pink) Peppermint Bluebell for the holidays. could I have forgotten to remind everyone?  I mean it is my job and all. better get on the phone if you want any--and I do mean any.  I scored mine last week.  They were out as usual, but the Bluebell (Santa) man drove in right after my request, and I made off with some serious booty--2 half gallons.  Why 2??  Well, why not??

Now on to other foodie thoughts.  If you haven't seen or tried the enormous Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Carrot cakes at Sam's, stay away or your pants will never zip again.  These babies would serve a herd of people and heaven only knows how many calories they contain per bite.  I tried the Red Velvet and almost swooned.  But be warned...these are not for wimps.  Just lifting one of these cakes would be a work out and freezing one and then trying not to eat it, would be unrealistic at best.

Sam's has also added an in house made, ready to heat and eat area and I tried the stuffed pasta shells.  Whoa.  Really good and for $10, it served us dinner x 2.  Do the math.  El cheapo.  I have the Rotisserie Chicken enchiladas in the freezer and the gal I spoke with said they are seriously good, too.  They have salads, wraps, mashed potatoes, veggies, oh my.  Check it out if you have lots of people coming in or you need to take something for the big Christmas sit down.  I'm all about the easy.

Since Sis has been a shut in for the past few rainy days, she and I just returned from a quick swish down and then around the block.  Not thinking it was all that chilly, I had planned to go further so she'd quit pestering me to play with her.  I do believe it was the s-l-o-w-e-s-t walk we've ever taken. Since Sis needed to sniff every single leaf and individual blade of grass, it took us quite awhile.  I guess the rain washed away lots of other dog's smells so she had to be sure she left a lot of hers behind.  She's now in the den lying in her bed, relaxing, and enjoying being herself.  It would be kind of fun to be her.

Tomorrow is the Cookie Party over at my sister's house for her grands--Hud, Had, and Avery, and no telling who else will show up.  Word has it that her middle son, Harrison, aka Uncle Lizard is coming, if for no other reason that to decorate and eat sugar cookies that we weren't planning to have.  This year the plan is to do Gingerbread houses, BUT when my sister found out Hairball wanted cookies--like from his days of the Cookie Party at my mom's--nothing would do but to have cookies, too.  Dang...isn't Christmas time just the best???

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