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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I just heard the Star Spangled Banner playing, outside.  No, there is no football or basketball game on TV that I'm aware of and besides, I don't have my TV on.  After much speculation, I think maybe the tree trimmer guys down the block might be listening to their radio.  There is also a house going up down the block--one with no windows on the front--I swear--so maybe it's coming from there.  Who knows.

Today I may need to head to Tamale Detox.  Fred and I tasted all three types of Senora Maria's tamales and they were ummm, umm, gooood.  I bagged up Brian's, and the rest of ours, and put them in the freezer for either New Years or another night I don't want to cook dinner.  I always love having emergency back up dinners for nights I just want to take a load off, play with Sis, and relax.  Wow.  I wanna go to Tamale Heaven when I die.

And speaking of death, I think God is cleaning house here on Earth since I just noticed in the paper that Mr. Bill Sparkman died.  He's buried all my family so it just won't be the same without Mr. Sparkman, and his bowed legs and snappy ties, even though David has been running the show for quite awhile.  I grew up with the Sparkman boys--Alan was my age--and I vividly remember their Christmas card every year with Libby, Mrs. Sparkman, dressed up as Santa.  That happened for awhile until they divorced and I don't know what blew up that relationship--I just know it was bad.  Funny how you remember stuff like that.  Ten minutes ago I could have no more told you Mrs. Sparkman #1's name until I started typing, and then up it came. Just goes to show you what's buried deep in all our brains.  Minutiae.

Since I am feeling a bit zippy this morning I thought I'd start my list of things I am looking forward to in 2012.  2011 while not awful, has not exactly been a blast, so I'm ready to shift gears and get on to 2012.  Here's my list so far and I'll be adding to it daily, as we close out this year.

1.  Trader Joe's will be opening here in mid 2012--a fun place to go snoop and shop
2.  Downtown Abbey will resume with season 2 on KERA
3.  Life will return to normal, whatever that is, after New Years, and I am looking forward to Spring
4.  Possibly a blue and tan puppy could come to live with us--or maybe even a rescue dog--or neither
5.  I am prayerful that both "Snoot" Gingrich and "Ick" Perry fall off the face of the Earth permanently
6.  I am hoping everyone in Congress is fired and we start over with new people
7.  I am looking forward to the end of a lawsuit that's has dragged on w-a-y too long, with a conclusion that is fair to everyone.

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