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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank heaven for other people

Yesterday afternoon while Senora Maria was here ironing and we'd gabbed over all our most important topics, I headed back to Santa's workshop and wrapping room, ie. Benji's room.  What I'd totally forgotten about was how difficult wrapping can be.  Not the actual wrapping part--the part where your black girl love-dog comes in to sniff around through everything, and then lies down in the middle of your just rolled out paper.  Once removed, she sidles back somehow and repeats her performance, with nose licks (yours) and rolls over on her back to be scratched.  Only a Scrooge wouldn't stop and play...and yes, while this encourages the behavior, it's still so endearing that how could you not??  I finally managed to get a few gifts wrapped but the bows don't look too hot.  They are the direct result of Sister snooting my arm mid bow.  Snooting is defined as: using that long nose of hers to raise your forearm right as you need it to do something important, or lifting her blankets with her snoot in order for her to slide underneath them in one smooth motion.  Given that her breath was rather garbagey smelling, I finally gave her a dental chew bone so she'd leave me alone.  Fresh breath and something for her to do?....A real win-win for both of us.

I just realized last night that mom's  pre-Christmas hair appointment falls on Saturday so I grabbed my coffee first thing this morning and called to see about changing it to Friday.  Last year I realized this two weeks prior and got it all organized.  I just hung up with one of the ladies over there and she said "Not to worry.  We've already got her down for Friday at 1:30pm. We're on it".  Glorrrrrry be....they sure are.  I just texted my sister to see if she can take Christmas money to the Edge Salon for mom's nail guy and hair dresser. more thing I almost forgot.  She just texted me back and now we are trying to figure out how much for each one.  Mom was always generous so I pulled out a number that seemed right.  I haven't heard back so that means my sister either agreed or passed out.  Not sure which.  :)

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