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Monday, December 19, 2011

Jingle Sis

It's still early, and I could already be in some deep Christmas poo.  I had the idea to change our otherwise cast in cement Christmas Eve dinner menu, and at least one member of our crowd was thinking roasted lamb.  I always do some big old Man Beef type thing--beef tenderloin on the grill, roast lamb, etc., so if the natives are not up for my idea, I could be at Kuby's later today.  My idea, since I always have to play, was to have a "Back to Italy" dinner with homemade manicotti, perhaps a lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and dessert.  No, it's not the usual ta-da, but I thought it might be a fun change.  I'm waiting to hear back from Benji as he's the one who wanted lamb.  My idea may get shot down in flames.

Saturday's Cookie Party was hilarious and Avery finally played with me without crying.  She was still shy at first but after she went upstairs to her Go-Go's tutoring office, where there are all kinds of cool things for kids, and somehow managed to turn on the music on her Go-Go's computer, she was feeling pretty great about herself.  Keep in mind she turns two on the 28th, so none of us are quite sure exactly how she got the music on, but she was pretty thrilled with herself, let me just say.  Several times she could be heard yelling "I did it!".  She held my hand as we went down the stairs, let me help her put away the dominoes she wanted to play with, and even let me hold her.  It was a total no tears event.  Yahoo!  Here's a photo of all the decorators--three little angels.

I mentioned to Fred that Sis really likes her new dog food--finally--and needed another big bag and perhaps, a Christmas suit.  I mentioned I had seen a red and white Jingle Bell collar, complete with jingle paws, and I felt sure every well dressed dog needed one of these.  That's all I said.....the rest was implied.  Sis didn't mind the collar part so much but the jingle paws on each foot.... just... unglued... her, as we knew they would.  You know how dogs chew a bandage on their leg to get it off??...Try four.  We only left them on for a minute or two, but consider us thoroughly entertained. If nothing else, Sis is a really good sport.  Look at that smile.

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