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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids....they just slay me

Well who knew....didja know you aren't supposed to sync your IPhone 3 with an updated version of the Itunes software?  Well, Smokey, neither did I, and according to the AT&T tech bunch, that's been the cause of all my Iphone angst lately.  I didn't even have to spend money to get it fixed--I just had to delete my two email accounts and then add them back on.  Well, sure...I knew that.  Didn't you?  From now on, it seems I can sync my computer calendar events to my phone calendar, but no more Itunes computer upgrades for this baby girl or my Iphone will throw yet another rod.  Updated Itunes ain't meant for no 3G phone is whad i'm a sayin'.  A royal pisser but watcha gone do?  And my phone battery having about half the life it used to have?  Due to the upgraded software I can't get off my phone, thank you very much. 

After a recent series of events that I cannot divulge here to protect an unnamed crazy person, it seems that a certain three year old girl has a new threat she likes to hurl, after hearing the unnamed crazy adult, toss it out.  It seems that when she really wants to let you have it, she'll tell you, "You're goin' ta Jail ".  I don't think she even knows what Jail is, but she sure knows it's not a good idea.  I soooo wish I could tell the whole story here but you'd have to 1) put on your Depends first, and then if I printed it here  2) I might actually go to Jail.  Once again, Hadley has brought me to my knees, howling, over the stuff she latches onto and then says.  From the same adult, she has learned a few cuss words, too, so now ya know why I love her so much.  She is just a side of horseradish that's right up my alley.

This afternoon I heard a bunch of catterwallin in the background while on the phone with Nic, and asked what was going on.  In her usual laid back way she said "Ohhhh, Hadley and Avery are fighting...their new thing is, when they fight, they pull each other's hair".  From what I heard, they sounded like two cats in a bag. 
The good news is, it was over in a flash, and everyone still has hair.

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