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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random musings

Holy Kardashian..."Lam-Lam" (Lamar) Odom is a Maverick?  Does that mean which ever Kardashian he is married to will be moving to the Big D?  Frankly, I'm not thinking so.  I'm thinking he'll commute back and forth, keeping a swanky apartment here.  I'm not sure Dallas could handle a full time Kardashian even though Lamar is a really great player.  It could be fun, though, so I'm going to keep an open mind and it sure wouldn't be boring that's for sure.

I've been through enough butter this weekend to assure me I'd never have made it as a Pioneer woman.  If I had to churn that stuff and then cooked with it, awww....hell.....we'd have just gone ahead and starved to damn death.  I've baked and made rolls most of the weekend--hence the buttah.  I've got several pans of rolls on top of the freezer, rising, before I plunge those soft little pillows into a 350 degree oven later.  I don't know what it is about roll dough that just rocks my clock, but that stuff is as soft as a baby's butt and so fun to play around with.  It's kind of sensual, too.  And the smell as they cook is better than just about anything.  Fred doesn't know it yet but I'm going to see if he'll hitch up his sleigh and help me deliver these later this afternoon, hot from the oven.  Since his standard answer is NO, I plan to pay him in rolls

I ran by to see The Smalls yesterday and to drop off a cake for their Christmas present.  They alternate years going to California so I wanted them to have it to eat before Christmas.  Hudson was swinging it around by the cellophane stick up part and bow, and took it immediately to the kitchen to open.  Once open, he cut himself a bid ole chunk, reminding me that "don'tcha remember I like this cake?" to which I said "Sweetie....I don't remember squat these days, and I'm sure glad you do."  Hadley was her usual hilarious self unzipping my 1/4 zip fleece top, in order to get my attention.  When I looked at her like "whaaat?", she did it again.  Avery was fine until she slipped on the stairs, got mad, and screamed and cried.  It wasn't until her mom and I both told her I was not there to babysit, that she broke into big smiles and did the pig snort for me.  Her mom says she's definitely the funniest of the three.  I just have to catch her when she doesn't think I'm there to babysit.

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