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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brings back memories...

I saw this on the Internet yesterday and had to laugh.  Oh, Lordy...remember standing at North Park in the line that wound clear to Ft. Worth, with your kids dressed up and trying to corral them when it was their turn to sit on Santa's lap?  I think after the first time, I filed that away as been there done that, and vowed never to repeat that lunacy ever again.  That kind of psychological scarring just is not worth it even when it is kind of funny.  Admit know it is...until it's your kid.

I remember my senior year at UT, I went to the Mall ( specifically Highland Mall, back in the day) with Becky Baskin, my then roommate, from Midland.  After our shopping marathon, we both decided to have our pictures made sitting on Santa's lap, and then mail it to our parents.  Why??  Who knows but we thought we were hilarious, so there ya go. 

I vividly remember getting home for the Christmas holidays to see it sitting in the tray of Christmas cards mom always kept sitting on the entry hall table by the front door.  My mom later told me that when she showed it to my dad, he laughed for 10 minutes.  I think it became quite a conversation piece which is why they left it lying on the top of the pile.  Ahhhh....the good old days.

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