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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Angels among us--even for dogs

Yesterday I had the greatest experience ever, with a perfect stranger.  I was in Tom Thumb shopping, saw dog bones in a gals cart, and realized I had forgotten to get some.  So, thinking out loud I said "Oh, I forgot to get bones".  As I turned my cart around to head back to the meat section, the gal looked at me with a stricken face and said "They're out".  I told her no sweat, they would cut me some, when she said "No, I mean totally out" and then asked me "Who are they for?"  Hence began a brand new animal based friendship with a perfect stranger.

I told her about my niece's dog, Baby Jack, who'd had back surgery-- the main bone recipient-- and, Sis, and she immediately started handing over a package of bones--she had two packages with six bones in each.  She said she had Jack Russell's and they could survive the week with just one package, and it would be the right thing for them to share with another pup who was under the weather.  I thanked her profusely for sharing, we laughed about our love of dogs, and off we both went.

When I got to the check out there she was again, and there was an elderly gentleman friend of mine, that I adore, and feel very protective of.  He's a widower, walks with a cane, and had neck surgery a few months back, after an ugly fall earlier in the summer.  He's in his 80's and had had his son living with him after his son's surgery, and had been taking care of him, prior to the fall that precipitated his own surgery.  He has two kitties we always talk about when I see him.  Anyway, once my new dog bone friend saw him, saw us talking, saw me trying to get him in a short line, she pulled back her full cart, and slid him in front of her.  No fanfare, and he didn't even see her do it.  She just did it.  Never mind he just had kitty food--it was the kindness of the action that just blew me away.

I thanked her once he was out of earshot and she just smiled.  Wow.  There are truly angels among us.  


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