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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oink, Oink

Sometimes I even surprise myself with the conclusions I draw.  I posted on FB last night that the giant pork shoulder package I purchased was actually TWO shoulders and not one.  Well, no wonder it weighed so damn much.  It was like dragging a small child to hoist it into my cart.  ME?  I was thinking it was just some SUPER PIG.  Quit laughing.  It's actually sort of sad that I would know so little about pigs.  Whatever.
After brining both overnight, I got them rubbed, and on a little after 8 thing morning and they are gently puffing away in the back yard and now the heat is below where I actually want it.  Enter my blow dryer.  I started blowing to get the heat up with no luck.  I gave up and just decided to be patient--like that's really going to happen.  Have you met me?  Anyway, now we're a goin' just fine and the temp is purrrrfect.  Funny how that works.

I am mildly concerned about the two mosquito bites I got getting things going.....I'm hoping this doesn't turn into West Nile pulled pork.  Yeeesh.

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