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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Was that rain???

So, houwz about that rain last night?  I was doing the happy dance underneath my covers hoping it kept on going all night.  Judging from the looks of my front yard, everything sucked it all up with just a tad bit left over down by the bird bathing area at the curb.  No birds are bathing now--they probably got enough of a rinse  last night.  But fresh bath water is always a good thing.  Even for a bird.

I called a few minutes ago to check on mom's weight and she had gained some which surprised me.  It's either fluid accumulation or they've been making her eat.  I was ultra clear on the phone that they were not to force her to eat.  Ahem....repetition strengthens and confirms, so repeat after me "don't force her to eat, please."  When we ran by Sunday, mom was just finishing lunch, and one of the ladies there had forgotten she'd eaten, and was back telling the staff she needed to eat lunch.  Again.  I'm serious.  That's just part of what this disease does to people.  At the same time, Mom's next door neighbor was at it again, trying to break out, and was setting off the door alarm again, and several other ladies had fallen asleep at the table after lunch.  Luckily, mom was sitting with a lady who used to be in my water aerobics class at the Y, so we chatted her up, too, while we visited.  She was a total pistol and told Bruce and I that she had "visitors coming, too".  Or, at least we think that's what she said.  When it was time for her nap, she wanted to stay and visit, but I assured her she wouldn't be missing anything--we weren't that fun--and she laughed.

God continues to shuffle the deck.  One of Brian's friends was badly hurt a few days ago and is at Parkland in ICU, in critical condition.  He was electrocuted by a power line and fell some 20-25 feet out of a tree, landing on his face.  It's a miracle he's alive, so if you are inclined to pray for someone you don't know, his name is Brandon, and he could use all the prayers he can get.  I vividly remember him coming to see Brian after his crash, and I am sending loads of prayers his way.  I am hopeful to go visit him later when he is more stable and out of ICU.  Hey, once a momma (nurse), always a momma (nurse), and maybe I could be of help to his mom.  Who knows??  And speaking of the Big P, we were over near there last week and could see see how all the new construction is coming along, and it's going to be an incredible facility.  Yay, Dallas.  What a gift it will be to this city and it's citizens. 

Sis is snoring below me so that means I need to get busy.  Lots to do today and loads to be grateful for.  Let's all make it a good one.

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