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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sandy Eggo

I am just back from checking in on mom, and she's all sweet smelling and tucked into bed, watching the History channel.  Come to think of it, my hands smell pretty good, too.'s from when I took her hands to see her painted fingernails, and they'd put lotion on her hands before bed.  So that's where it's coming from.....I was beginning to wonder.  There's something very comforting about that smell....sort of a cross between a baby lotion smell and a mild hand lotion.  Makes me think of fresh, soft clean sheets, a cool pillow, and a really soft nightie, as I slide off into dream land.

There's something so nice about seeing her in the evening, when she's all warm and snuggled in her bed and the day is at it's eventual close.  By then she's had a good dinner and no matter what kind of day it's been for either of us, it's almost over.  Tonight I told her about Hudson, Hadley, and Avery's family trip to San Diego--or as one friend calls it, Sandy Eggo.  I told her about Avery's new haircut, her being a little afraid of "the water coming in" (waves), and the fact that I'm betting after day one, she was no longer afraid of "the water coming in".  Since mom doesn't initiate conversation, I usually have to do a monologue until we hit on something she reacts to, like Hudson starting first grade next week.  She nearly levitated when I told her, since she still follows verbal cues, and I had used a "big deal" voice as I told her.  Think monkey see, monkey do and you've pretty much got the picture.  She may not be able to remember a lot of things these days, but you can bet your banana she remembers those three great grands.  They bring joy to a lot of people--me included.  Nite, nite.

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