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Monday, August 6, 2012

I smell Latex

Ta dah.... the hallway is painted and I did most of it before a certain someone decided to help.  I knew he wouldn't be able to stand it, if I got everything started.  Man, it already looks a thousand times better but the blue tape is still on it so I can go around and do the last edges and corners.  I've decided underwear painting is the way to go and with my fan perched in the hallway, it's not too shabby.  The hard part is painting in latex gloves since you can't ruin your freshly done nails with paint.  Are you nuts??  Your hands tend to sweat inside that airless void, and when you raise your arms to paint, guess where it goes??  Down your arm.  Total gross out even with powdered gloves.  I may have to let my hands go au naturel on the next area I pick.

The down side of all this painting is, my house smells like feet....and sort of stinky ones at that.  I'd forgotten the funk smell of latex -- I am more of an enamel girl myself.  Oh, yeah baby...a cheapo high if that's how you roll and it's only fun if someone else (hired) is painting. There's no way in Gotham City I'd ever paint with enamel, though--too hard.  Every little brush stroke shows, which explains why painters spray it on where they can and where they can't.... aww, hell they do it anyway.  You know they do.

As I close, I am considering painting a stripe down Sister's back so she'll look like this. 

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