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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ahhhh....the sense of accomplishment.  It's taken me three weeks to bag up the ever growing pile of things to donate to the Family Gateway drop box two houses away in the Church parking lot, but let me just say the Eagle has landed.  One giant black trash bag, stuffed to the brim with towels, shoes, and other odds and ends was just driven up to the box.  And, yes, I drove it because I would have had to drag it otherwise and there's no way that poor bag could have held together.  My assistant rode with me, as she is always up for a ride, and the church and surrounding area is her favorite squirrel chasing playground.

I miscalculated a tad on the size of my bag relative to the square shoot opening to shove it through.  While Sis scampered about, I hoisted and shoved.  At first, it didn't seem like it was going to work, so I did what I know better than to do---I shoved harder.  Things must have shifted in the bag because suddenly the bag was swallowed up by the hole.  Eureka.  Mission accomplished.  The bad news for Sis was, she wasn't quite ready to leave, but came anyway when I said "Let's go" and got into the car.  Car rides are a huge deal to her, so she came immediately.  Since she was good, we drove a few extra blocks around so she'd feel like she'd actually been somewhere.  Two houses just ain't much when you think about it, even if you are a dog.

Now she's in her chair in the den, snoozing.  She's already retrieved an unlucky drove popped this morning by her dad, and been on a ride.  No wonder she needs a nap.

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