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Friday, August 10, 2012

Revisit to the SPCA

As Fred's staycation comes to a close on Monday, it seemed only fitting after yesterday's post, that we finally go back and visit the new SPCA.  We went before--the day it opened--despite the fact neither TV or the DMN announced the door's would open at noon vs regular 10am and we arrived at 10:30 am.  No way were we waiting an hour an a half or coming back since it's quite a hike to get there.  Today's visit was a hoot and there were lots of dogs for adoption --even an already neutered little boy blue heeler pup that was adorable. He was soooo cute we took this pic and emailed it to Bruce's baby brother, John, who is a big blue healer fan, hoping maybe he'd come get him.  As we watched him nap, his feet and legs were twitching while he was off in dream land, chasing or herding something.  No dachshunds, thank heavens, or I might not have made it out without one.

Sis did score another new snazzy pink collar on the way out, and as we paid for it, the lady said they usually get lots of dachshunds.  She saw Fred's white dachshund hat with the dog in navy blue, and knew we were "quality people".  She has three wieners at home and wanted a hat like his but we told her she'd have to head to the beach in Seaside, Florida since it was a gift from one of Fred's brother's.  Mwah, mwah.

I'm also glad to report that Jan Rees-Jones portrait in a ball gown holding one of her dogs, with the other one at her feet, has been replaced with one of her in pants and casual top, as I had suggested in an earlier post.  Thank you, Jan, for taking my style suggestion.  Somehow her ball gown seemed a tad bit much for a place like the SPCA.

We also checked out the kitties and found that they really scored when it came to cool play areas and living quarters.  They have a solid glass wall behind each area so it's almost like being outside, minus the heat.  They have toys, climbing areas, kitty condos--the works.  They can chase, run, and play and frankly have much better digs than the dogs, but then they use litter boxes, too.  Getting adopted may be a real step down for some of these cats, after shacking at the SPCA.  It's definitely high tone in their zone.

Now that the weekend is here, let's all nap, chill, and relax...ahhhhh.

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