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Saturday, August 11, 2012


You know how some people are almost always good for a laugh?  My sister is usually one of those people and this morning I called her to give her some information about mom, and to compare notes.  Translation: check out feelings.  I told her every morning when I wake up, I feel a weight on my chest, and I asked if she did.  She said "No, not really...maybe you have asthma" and then she wanted to give me the name of a book on women and heart disease.  At this point I am about to spit my coffee all over everywhere.  Thank God only one of us is a nurse.  I told her "I don't HAVE FREAKING ASTHMA...I'M SAD....and I'm trying to FIND OUT IF YOU FEEL LIKE THIS, too!!!"  Her response "Ohhhhhhh......" and we both started laughing.

Here she's got me heading to an allergist or cardiologist and I'm just sad.  I told her after I have a couple of cups of coffee, do my daily readings and journal some, the feelings lighten up, and I go on with my day.  Jeeze, Louise.....I am still laughing.  Riding the waves of grief is like trying to surf in a tsunami, but an occasional good laugh can sure make for a fun ride. 

Dr. Chrane, in her office, diagnosing. 

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