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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Jack

Sad news to report this morning.  My favorite man dog, Jack, my niece's almost clone of Wigman, had to have an emergency laminectomy (back surgery) earlier this week, but is recovering nicely at home with his Grandmother.  My niece is in Medical School, doing a short rotation in OKC, so her two dogs were here with her mom.  Jack is the funny man and devil dog who brought us the butt whip, the donkey kick, and love claps, to name just a few of his tricks.  He looks so much like Wiggles that he could have had the personality of Cujo and I'd still have loved him.  Luckily, he doesn't. 

His post op pic is not for the squeamish so for those who might get the creepies seeing it, I decided not to post it.  Instead, I decided to show you him in his finer days, doing exactly what may have caused or at least contributed to his back issues.  Are ya feelin' the love??  I know you are.  How could anybody resist that?

On another animal note--even though birds aren't animals--we were doing a serious bathing business out front this morning in the curbside puddle.  One grackle drank several gulps of bathwater and then bathed, which I guess beats the other way around but not really, if you consider this is a communal bath.  Gross to the tenth power. 

After the recent rain, I have seen at least two hawks back  in  the neighborhood, and while I'm thrilled about that, the birds do not seem quite as excited and the crows are livid.  Nothing says hawk like a bunch of screeching crows. 

Sis is out on patrol while her dad mows, and couldn't be happier.  Some girls are sooo easily pleased.

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