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Friday, August 24, 2012

Who 'da baby Momma???

Wow....this afternoon my head is spinning.  A shooting in NY, Lance Armstrong's decision to permanently stop fighting  the doping allegations against him, and Romney's birth certificate comment.  I feel like someone just  gave my head a whirly in a nearby toilet.  Is Mercury in retrograde?  Is the barometer falling or is it a full moon, because the crazy factor today is way off the charts.  What is up with all this chaos and craziness?  I'm of the same opinion as Armstrong....I give.  Give the crazies whatever they want, and make them go away.

And speaking of crazy, did you happen to read on the internet about the wealthy businessman whose will stipulated that his gay son's child could not inherit from a trust for his grandchildren, unless the gay son married the mother of that grandchild?  The gay son married his lover--listed as his wife on the child's birth certificate--within the six months required by his father's will.  But here's the best part:  the gay couple used a surrogate to carry the child, and another anonymous woman's egg to conceive, so technically, who is he supposed to have married, if the will won't recognize the gay lover as his wife?  Who exactly is the child's mother?  The surrogate, the anonymous egg donor, or the gay lover, listed as the wife? 

Unless they settle out of court, this thing could drag on and on.  Can you imagine attorneys fighting in court to determine who is the actual mother of the child?  Only the attorneys will win that cat fight. If the courts can't decide who the child's mother is, that's just one problem.  Problem 2:  How was the gay son to marry an anonymous egg donor he'd never met, within six months of the child's birth?  Problem 3:  What about her confidentiality?  Problem 4:  What if the donor was already married?  Problem 5:  What if the surrogate was already married, too?  Problem 6:  What if neither one of these gals wanted to marry this gay man?  That's not his fault.  See??  It's totally nuts.  But I thought it might illustrate my point.  We all just need to turn off our computers, straighten up our offices, and GO HOME.  This world is too crazy so let's all go home and chill.

Happy Weekend to all!

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