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Monday, August 13, 2012

Buh bye

Now that we are all done with the Olympics, is anybody wondering what the athletes do afterwards, besides party?  Seriously.  Do they start right back training or do they take a month off and just chill?  We know the Chinese don't, but wouldn't you think your body and your mind would need a rest after all that adrenalin?  I'd think you'd have to give yourself a nice long break or risk mental fry out and injury.  Me??  I'd be a couch potato.  I wouldn't move for at least a month.

After all of the excitement, I'm also having some Olympic with drawls.  Regular old life is going to seem a tad boring after all the fun.  Although I flitted in and out of watching the closing ceremonies, I didn't understand them much better than the opening ones, but that's OK.  I'm not thinking too many people did or really cared.  And the Spice Girls reunion?  Awkward.

Is it just me wanting a change of season or can you feel Fall coming?  I can.  I'm beginning to feel the beginnings of back to school-ness and change in the air.  Time for fresh Fall apples, mums on the porch, cooler temps, backpacks, kids riding bikes to school, carpools honking, and maybe even a little rain.  Bring it on.  I'm definitely over summer even though I've enjoyed it.  Sometimes you just need to change the channel and move on to something different.

With Fred's vacay now over, it's nice to reclaim my space, and the peace and quiet I enjoy being home.  I don't mind sharing--we are just complete opposites when it comes to noise volume, TVs on in every room, picking up, cleaning up, opening and not closing, etc.  I'm sure the other gal pals out there can relate.  What is it with guys and noise???  I know it's a Y chromosome thing but do you think we can maybe gene splice that eventually??  Golly damn....all that racket makes me homicidal.  I remember back when the boys were little and the more noise a toy made, the more they loved it.  Screeching sirens, blow up noises, you name it-- as long as the noise made your ears ring, they loved it.  Me...not so much.

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