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Thursday, August 9, 2012

May to the rescue

I am so pissed off I could slap the paint off a wall.  I just had a run in with a young guy who thinks it's OK to leave his brown Lab, locked in his car with the windows down about 3 ", and his sun roof open, in this heat, while he either shops or works.  I am serious.  I called 911 and they said I'd have to take the dog or be responsible for it, if they came and let it out so I went into the store next to it--Tylers-- and asked at the counter if anyone had left their dog outside in a white Acura MDX.  A guy said "That's my friend's dog" and I told him " You better tell your friend to get that dog  before I call 911 again " and up comes the friend. 

Whaaaaaaat a jerk.  He's all "What's your problem , lady?" and I told him exactly what my problem was--his dog-- and that if he didn't care about his dog, I did.  He got a all mouthy with me as he walked out the door and waited for me to disappear.  I didn't.  I sat right there with my phone in my hand.  I gave him time to pull out and he didn't, so I hit call for 911.  I checked my phone and it was already 95 degrees and I was sweaty in the shade. want a pissing contest, I'll give you one.  Smarty pants sat there until his friend said " She's giving them your plate number", he yells "OK..OK" and pulls out.  Since I figure he's just going to go around the block, wait for me to leave and possibly come right back, I sat there and waited for the Po-Po's, and by now, I'm steaming mad.

Up drives a Po-Po car, I fill him in and he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes.  When I told him Mr. Pet Lover said "Lady don't you have something better to do than this", I assured him "Nope.  Nothing that can't wait-- to save your dog's life, moron" and the cop just howled.  I passed on a few more of moron's choice words and he was real impressed--almost as much as me.  Then up drives a second two man Po-Po car!! I'm really loving this.  Both have the guys plate number and I saw them looking around for him, as I left.  Moral of the story:  If you do something dumb and someone calls you on it--own it, dumb ass, and don't mess with an old lady.

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