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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting ready for Fall

I'm attempting to get organized for Fall.  After a laid back slouchy summer, I'm struggling here.  So far today I've tackled the AC man for a weird compressor noise, a bid from a painter, organized my phone and computer calendars since I'm not sure they'll synch with each other, and put out a few minor fires, and it's just now lunchtime.  Dang.  That's way more than those summer days where it was just me, my coffee cup, and a day of bliss to look forward to.  Truth be told, being busy is the way I like it, and when summer rolls on back around next year, I'll be ready for it all over again. 

I was visiting with Nic yesterday about Hudson's first day of first grade, and Hadley's first day back to kindergarten (or whatever they know call it when you're in the 4's), and she said it was a total whippin'.  With Avery starting her two days a week school today, that means she had to have all three ready at the same time, to get Hud to school by 8AM.  No wonder this world is in such flux--trying to herd three little ones that early in the morning would be like trying to herd cats.  I think the first month or so of back to school is like boot camp.  Maybe the kids should just spend the night there, like in the military.  Oh, yeah....that's boarding school isn't it?

  I remember all to well the morning melt downs, sob stories, last minute requests for outrageous fees right as carpool was honking out front, a specific pair of cleats that had to be there TODAY for football, that you knew nothing about, lost forms, jockstraps, socks, etc.  Oh.  My.  Stars.  If I had to go back, I'd shoot myself.  I will say, it sure wasn't dull.
This picture pretty well sums it up.

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