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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Personal growth--YES!

Saying "yes" is so big.  It opens so many doors to new things, people, experiences, opportunities.  Without stretching, I don't grow.  I don't want to stay the same---that would be redundant and boring.   Saying yes seems to start that whole process rolling and I never do know exactly where it's going to go.  That's the fun of it.

New Friends:  a new friend I met last year asked me yesterday to partner with her this year in a study bunch we both belong to.  We're going to be homework buddies so we each have to be accountable for the work and can learn more from discussions---ours and the groups.   She's wise, funny, easy going, beautiful, single, tan, and someone I find pure pleasure in being around.  She's no BS--just honest "here's who I am".  I love people like that.  I can't wait now for our group to get started, and I'm so glad I said "YES".

New Perspectives:  with growth there are always new perspectives.  New ways of seeing something if you are willing to look at that something from a different angle.  Expanding on something you already knew but having it taken to an entirely different level.  That's what I call growth.

I've decided that digging deeper is going to be my mantra for this year.  I plan to get to know myself better and who I really am vs who I may think I am.  I'm sure loads of things will be revealed and I know I won't like all of them--I just hope and pray I like some of them.  If not, change is always possible.  It's going to be like reading a new chapter in the book called Me.

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