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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trashing time

The dawg days of summer are upon us and it's hotter than stink.  Whatcha gone do??  Stage a clean out.  Grab your black plastic trash bags and go for it.  Toss all that "I might need this stuff some day " because if you haven't needed it by now, honey, you ain't gonna.  So, pitch it, recycle it, put it in the bin at the church for the Family Gateway--just get. it. out.  Ahhhhh...can you feel the size of that vacuum left behind, with all that space??  That's my most favorite part.  Now, when you get finished with that, rearrange your furniture.  Make things look all new and different.  If you aren't good at this, and I'm sure not, call a friend (or your sister) and get them to help. 

I get restless after awhile and need things shaken up a bit and when it's too hot to do anything else, turn on your ceiling fans and go for it.  I may even head to the paint store and repaint.  Nothing says fresh like clean new paint.  I once painted our hallway during a Cowboy game and was done by half time.  We sucked back then, too, so it was a great use of my time.  Yes, the Olympics are on but we're down to the tail end of swimming, goodbye, Micheal, and now it's going to be track and field.  Honey...that's like watching paint dry anyway, so you might as well get painting. 

That said, time to go get my trash bags.  I've got a lot of work to do.  No telling what I might find.

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