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Friday, March 15, 2013

A fun read

First a shout out to two birthday girls celebrating on Sunday, St. Paddy's Day:  Happy Birthday Tori and Charlotte.  Torie is my godchild and Charlotte is a friend so woo hoo to both gals.

I have a book recommendation if you are heading to the beach for Spring Break or just need one whale of a great laugh.  The book is The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and is the story of how Ree Drummond met her Cowboy rancher husband she refers to as Marlboro Man.

She is now a blogger, author of two top selling cookbooks and one novel, and a Food Network contributor with her own show.  Her novel is a love story and a page turning laugh for any city girl who finds her plans for her life radically altered by love.  I laughed so hard last night I almost wheezed and coughed myself to death, and I'm thinking you will, too.

Spoiler alert:  Don't read below if you are going to read the book

My favorite line in the entire book after Ree has had her first baby--a girl-- and her cowboy rancher brother-in-law, Tim, comes to see her in the Big City hospital, having driven in from the Ranch.  Ree is breastfeeding as he walks in, and as she struggles to cover her chest with the sheets he asks "You're feedin' her your own milk, right?" as Ree is thinking uh....that would be breastfeeding, wouldn't it....  Ree answers "Umm...yeah...I'm brrr..breastfeeding". Tim says " Well.... you know... you need to be careful not to get a sour bag".

Ree said little did she know then but it would be the first of many times Tim would draw a parallel between her and livestock. 

Happy weekend.

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