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Monday, March 18, 2013


I just ran by to see mom only to find she was already up, and down the hall at the Singing Cowboy.  I've put myself through that performance once and decided once is plenty.  I'll go back another day this week to avoid that torture.

I have a little while before I need to slice up the brisket and fix the potatoes so I'm chillin'.  We hardly ever have taters but these are supposed to blow your shoes off so I threw caution to the wind and pulled them out to thaw.  Hey, now....I've been sick, remember, so quit laughing and, no, I didn't make these.  They are the Au Gratin smmmHashed  potatoes from Festive Kitchen.  No, that's NOT a typo, for once...that's how they let you know there are hash browns in them.  Oh, sooo clever.  I'll be interested to see if  1) they are as good as everyone says and 2) if I can taste them.

Mary was outside earlier this afternoon so Sis and I went over for a meet and greet.  Sis loves Mary's yard because it has new and different smells and she can lie in the sun and roll around like any old common hound dog.  Hound doggin' is just one of the things she's really good at.  Bone chewin' is another.  Mary was trying to repair an old black Mexican light fixture her dead husband bought years ago and I was a fat lotta help.  All I could do was laugh and wheeze when she told me she'd already tried to get her cousin, Hamilton, to fix it yesterday with zippo success and then suggested Fred might be able to fix it.  Has she met him??  How does she not know by now that there's not a Harris male alive who can fix much of anything, all by their lonesome??  I swanny....some people sure are into magical thinking.

I've just about decided to throw in the towel with Sis and this afternoon walk business.  Today I asked her if she wanted to go and she turned her head away and wouldn't look at me.  It was her way of saying "Awww, hell no".  I sure am glad to know I'm not the only lazy old broad around here.

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