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Saturday, March 2, 2013

More questions....

OK...I'm still stuck on the Pope so bear with me.  Now I want to know what to call a retired (?) or ex-Pope (?).  Clearly I don't know how this works or what to call Benedict (?) and not be disrespectful.  If you google this you will find all kinds of things he could be called: Ex Pope, Pope Emeritus, Benedict Arnold, Been a Di**, and the artist formerly known as Pope.  There are lots more and a lot worse ones, but given that he was the leader of the RC church, I'm not sayin' them here.  I will say one was so funny it gave me the hiccups from laughing.
 Does he eat whatever is served to him or does he get a menu for the week and just pick what he wants?  Does he eat primarily Italian food or food more from his home country?  Does he ever say "How about a cheeseburger and fries or let's shake things up tonight and have tacos?"  And what about movies?  Does he ever watch them?  I guess what I'm getting at is how real life is the life of an ex-Pope and is it all prayers or do you get to be human and have friends over, go out on the street and meet people, go to water aerobics with other clerics, etc.?

Can he travel?  What does his passport say? Ex-Pope?  Who now pays for his travel since I think he just took one heck of a pay cut?  I feel sure the RC church will take excellent care of him but I also wondered this: are any of the practicing RC's furious at him for stepping down or are some happily saying sayonara with relief, after all the pedo scandals facing the church?  And lastly, I'm just gonna say it because you know you've been thinking it, too:  Why did he really step down?  Health?  Sure.  He's 85.  Attack of conscience over his (lack of) handling of all the pedophilia cases?  You betcha.  That's got to eat at your very soul.  Or, drum roll, please........was he somehow pushed out?

Stay tuned.  More will be revealed.  I simply hope and pray the next Pope has more of an inclusive, loving attitude towards all, a willingness and strength to do what ever needs doing, and will man up and tell his flock the truth no matter how bad or what that might be.  We all could use a leader like that. I'm done.  :)

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