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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Visitor

What a great way to start a Monday morning...a visit from a special small fry that I simply adore.  Miss Avery.  She and her mom were out and about and came by for a quick visit.  I was still in my robe and pj's drinking coffee but that never stops me from going out front.  I'm sure the neighbors wish it did.  That's a daffodil from my front yard since every girl needs flowers.  Ya know they do.  I'm sorry she jettisoned her socks and sandals because it was quite a red carpet look.  Her school days are Tuesday and Thursday so she still gets to hang with her mom three days a week.  When you are number three, that's important.

Avery's mom, Nicole, is having a birthday on Wednesday, so this afternoon I will be out shopping for her  gift.  I know exactly where I'm going but just not what I'm getting her quite yet.  I must putter first and the problem with that is, you forget you're there for someone else.  Oh, yeah.  That.

This afternoon I'm considering making chicken enchiladas for dinner since I have all the ingredients and I've got a hankering to make them.  Plus, knowing Fred, he's got a hankering to eat them, too.  I made a double batch of tortilla soup yesterday simply because you must--repeat must--have some in the freezer.  For emergencies.  Tortilla soup emergencies.  And other stuff.

I'm almost finished with my new book, Wild, and it is.  Egads, I could never go as long as serious hikers do without a shower and clean clothes, and the description of what happens to this gals feet (and other body parts) is not what a nurse wants to read, and not be able to treat.  Naaaaasty and so bacteria ridden, not to mention smelly, I read holding my nose.  (If I ever hiked, and we all know I wouldn't, it would only be with 15 sherpas carrying a bath tub for me, and a cook stove, to heat me up some bath water every day, and to wash my clothes.)

  The book is fascinating and I do love hearing about the solo parts and then reuniting with people, and how that feels to Cheryl.  She literally craves the sound of other peoples voices after being alone for days at a stretch and feels an immediate kinship with hikers she's never met before, maybe because they all smell as bad as she does (?)  One non hiker lady commented on Cheryl's hairy legs and I immediately thought of Julia Roberts at the Oscars, when she forgot to shave her underarms and had that big old Brillo pad....remember that?? 
OK....clearly I need to finish this book...for lots of reasons.  :)

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