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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fresh chicken eggs?? WANT.

Gorgeous morning and Sis is on a walk with her BF.  Every Saturday she begs until he finally acquiesces and takes her.  She is persistent let me just tell ya.  She'll nudge, bark, and whine until she wears. you. down.  They're just back and the Friend Report is she met a labradoodle cocker spaniel mix....oh, my Lord.... and her dad reports her new friend was about 1 1/2 times bigger than Sis.  No matter.  Sis isn't real picky about friends.   He says they ran wild together up at the church like only dawgs do and now she's flopped beside me frog legged on the floor. Life is always good if you are Sis.

I am showered and dressed in real clothes for the first time since Wednesday.  Not sure how long I will remain vertical but I'm giving it a shot.  I'll be starting my third book for the week today and have enjoyed hacking away at my book list and polishing off every magazine that's come recently.  I'd read a cereal box if that's all there was to read. 

I'm wondering what ever happened about the Chicken Crisis in the Park Cities?  That was such a big deal at the time, and now pfff.  Nothing.  If we ever remodel this house, I'd love to have a chicken coop in the backyard.  Not a huge one... maybe one on wheels so it could be moved around to different areas. Oh, yeah...I forgot about chicken poop.  OK.  Forget that.  All I really want is fresh chicken eggs.  My assistant used to bring hers to the office and I'd buy them before she barely made it in the door.  If you've never cooked with fresh real home grown eggs, you have not lived.  The yolks from hers were almost orange and would fluff up what ever you were making.  Since she had all different kinds of chickens, they were all different sizes and colors.  She said when it was hot, she'd toss the chickens watermelon rinds and they'd gobble them up.  She's also the one that fed her donkey Doritios.  Go figure. I sure miss her.  And her eggs.

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