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Friday, March 22, 2013


It looks like I'm going to have to go cold turkey.  I've gotten hooked on all those remodeling shows again.  All it does is make we want to go get our sledge hammer and get after it.  I love the end reveal--the before and after are interesting-- but mostly the after.  The places always look so much better even if I don't like the style of the design.  I'd love to work for a company that does that kind of thing so I could learn the business.  Once again I'm in the land of pretend but it sure is fun!

Now, on to eye glasses.  I'm still on the hunt and have looked almost everywhere.  So far, nothing has done it for me so I'll continue my research.  Part of me wants a pair that's kind of nerdy and the other half wants a more hip look.  Not sure if nerdy-hip is really a category but the search will continue until I find it.  I always know when I do and eeeeenuf on the tortoise shell, thank you.  I want some color.

I continue to be amazed at the new Pope and how much I like him.  His recent comments (and book) on his difficulty with celibacy is so open and honest I was amazed.  The fact that he's discussing the possibility of married priests in the future thrills me no end.  I've never understood how in the world an unmarried priest could ever counsel a married or about to be married couple with any credibility.  If you haven't been there and understand the drill and degree of difficulty, I just think you're just blowing smoke up my pants leg.  Clearly this Pope gets it and is the right man at the right time.  Wow. 

Somehow Sis knows it's Friday so she came flying into our bedroom wanting to get up in the bed with me early this morning.  Of course I let her and there is dog fur every where as payment for my lunacy.  Luckily the sheets get changed today so that's why I let her.  It's small price to pay for making one slick, black, dog so happy she can't be still.  I've said it before and I'll say it again :  it's good to be Sis.

Happy weekend to all.

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