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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hudson and Grand Friends Day

This is simply too funny not to share.  It seems that this morning was Grand Friends Day at Armstrong Elementary where Hudson attends.  It's Grand Friends in case you don't have any Grands that are alive, or that live here, and just leaves things open for lots of flexibility.  My sister went and here's what she sent me.

That was Hudson's report on Benjamin Franklin.  I'm thinking he got some help on it and that's just fine.  He's in first grade after all.  But here's the best part :

His grand daddy said it looked like Benjamin Franklin the crack head.  I love the attempted bald head and that hair is something else.  My sister said she thought this pic was down right scary looking.  I will only say Hudson is lots more handsome that Ben F. 

Hope this made you laugh.

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