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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I love me some Fin

In a world that looks a little bit crazy, yesterday I saw one of the nicest things ever.  As I was driving down North West Highway past Keller's drive in, I saw a big red firetruck pulled over and parked, and all the firemen were picking up trash accumulated along the road.  They were laughing and horsing around like guys  do and never mind they were adorable looking--that's not the point--although it sure could be now that I think about it.  What is it about firemen anyway?  OK.  Another column.  It was that here they were, guys who fight to keep us safe, and they were doing something as simple as stopping to pick up trash.  Let's face it......don't most of us think it's somebody elses job to pick up litter?  Wow.  Note to self. 

On another note, yesterday our invitation to Claire's birthday cookout and lunch was in our mail basket so you know where we'll be on Saturday.  Today one of my missions will be to go get her birthday present and since she's a real outdoor girl, the door is wide open for fun stuff to choose. 

I ran by yesterday afternoon to see the Smalls once my quiche was out of the oven.  The plan was to give them their little carrots filled with Reeses pieces but only Finley was home, so after I arranged the candy on the front porch by the door, I had to snap this of Fin.  Fin and I go w-a-y back to when Hudson was just a baby and I kept him over night while his peeps went to a wedding out of town.  Fin was my assistant and even slept with me under the covers, and if I got up to feed Hudson, so did she.  As a result, we're pals and I love her.  Luckily, the Smalls--at least the girls and mom--drove up as I was leaving and I ran back for a quick visit and to love on the Fin Girl.  Look at that could you not love that?

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