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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Power Ball.  Are you playing tonight?  I think I've got a better chance of getting struck by lightening than I do winning that much dinero.  At $320 million with taxes, and the cash option that's not going to leave more than say, oh, maybe 100 million....and then there's going to be all those people you're gonna have to swat off like flies once they find out you've won.  You know what and who I'm talking about.  And then there will be the fights.  "The look at all I've done for you owe me" and the "this is a great it for me and I'll never ask you for another thing".  Then there will be the people who want to help you spend your newly won loot.  They'll no doubt have a laundry list of all the things they....I mean you...need.

Now don't want to go get your coat and keys and drive up the 7-Eleven anymore do you?  I know I don't.  That's just w-a-y too much money to mess with unless you plan to give a HUGE chunk of it away and even then you've got a problem.  If you don't give it anonymously, you might just as well go into the witness protection program because your life is now over.  Forget having an unlisted number because if they want to find you, they will.  Count on it.  At first it sounds really fun but I don't think it really is over the long haul unless you set up a foundation to give the bulk of it away, sort of like being Santa Claus.  But you'll need to set up front office filters to protect you.  Think about it...nobody goes to the North Pole and actually hassles Santa for toys.  Stay anonymous and your good.

OK.  Off to get my tickets.  :)))

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