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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter candy

Oh, Lord love me.....Easter Baskets.  I was at Target anyway and took a very seriously wrong turn down the candy and Easter basket aisle.  I almost didn't get out alive.  I wanted everything.... so I bought a few little things for people I love that are under 4 feet tall. 

When I got home, one of the recipient's was scampering all over her front yard so even though it's not even that close to Easter, I took Claire her's.  I got her one of those cello wrapped carrots that has the Reese's pieces inside.  She didn't know  what it was but she did know she wanted it in the way only an almost two year old can....with those grunt noises they all make.  Her dad finally got it open for her and now I'm her new bestie.

She held my hand and walked me around the backyard, performed her new jumping trick for me and basked in our new found friendship, based on candy.  The irony of that isn't lost on me, either.  Two girls bonded by chocolate.  Duh.

She is having a backyard birthday and cookout on the 23rd, and we've been invited.  Lawdy mercy... I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Now I have to figure out what to get her.  Guess I'll be heading back over tomorrow to see what she needs. 

Before I close, I want know if anyone else is pissed by the thought of losing an hour of sleep (or whatever) this weekend, in order to go on Daylight Savings?  Now, I like Daylight Savings, I just don't understand why we need to go on and off.  Can't we just stay on it so we don't have to lose an hour every year?  Yes, we get it back when we go off, but that's a sucky trade.....  I've gotten up in the dark, and when it was light, and it's not that big a deal.  Losing an hour of sleep is. It just seems dumb and redundant somehow.

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